What is a Scuttle-Butt

I am reading The Watercooler Effect: a Psychologist Explores the Extraordinary Powers of Rumors by Nicholas DiFonzo.

In The Watercooler Effect, an except from the 1850 novel White-Jacket by Herman Melville, he explains what a scuttle-butt is:


“The scuttle-butt is a goodly, round, painted cask, standing on end, and with its upper head removed, showing a narrow, cir­cular shelf within, where rest a number of tin cups for the accommodation of drinkers. Central, within the scuttle-butt itself, stands an iron pump, which, connecting with the immense watertanks in the hold, furnishes an unfailing supply of the much-admired Pale Ale.”


You can download a copy of Herman Melville’s White-Jacket from link below.


When I finish the book, I will post my comments.


2 thoughts on “What is a Scuttle-Butt

  1. As a good Irishman the idea of a scuttlebutt is intriguing…my wife and I however have different decorating tastes so it would never fly in my living room!

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