I am currently reading Buyology: Truth and Lies About Why We Buy by Martin Lindstrom. I always heard from sales training about how effective smiling to customer is. Here is a study from the book about smiling:

 And that’s just how our mirror neurons work on us as consumers. Think about how other people’s behavior affects our shopping experience, and ultimately influences our purchasing decisions. Take smiling, for example. Two researchers recently created what they called the Smiling Study-a look at how joy, or happiness, affects shoppers. They asked fifty-five volunteers to imagine that they’d just entered an imaginary travel agency. Once there, they had to interact with one of three people: a smiling woman, a woman who looked despondent, and a woman who seemed completely fed up. Which of the volunteers do you think reported the more positive (imaginary) experience? You guessed it, those who interacted with the smiling agent. The study revealed that a smiling face “evokes more joy in the target person than a non-smiling face,” and that it also produces a far more positive overall attitude toward the business in question. Not only that, the volunteers who imagined interacting with the smiling person reported that they would be more likely to keep on patronizing the company in question.”

According to Duke University researchers, we’re not only attracted to people who smile but we also tend to remember their names…’We are sensitive to positive social signals,” Cabeza explained. ‘We want to remember people who were kind to us, in case we interact with them in the future.”?


3 thoughts on “Smiling

  1. Another thing people forget about that goes a long way.
    A please and a thank you.

    Learned that from my father before going off to basketball camp at age 12. And he was right and it has helped in my career

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