Bacardi and the long fight for Cuba

I finished reading Bacardi and the long fight for Cuba: the biography of a cause by Tom Gjelten. This book is about Bacardi’s rum history with biographical references. I enjoyed reading this book about the Bacardi family and their business. One lesson I walked away with is the importance of being a corporate citizen. Here is except from the book:

“… the company’s (Bacardi) established progressive ideals and long record of civic activism. From Cuba to Puerto Rico to Miami to Brazil, Bacardi had been known as a fair employer, a responsible corporate citizen, a patron of the arts, and a friend of the environment.”


2 thoughts on “Bacardi and the long fight for Cuba

  1. I have not read the book but have read some others which do reiterate the same sentiment. Being a success is based on how successful you make the environment and people around you. Whatever you sow into someone else’s life without intent of reward for oneself, but for the greater good, does come back to you.

  2. While I have not yet read the book, I have to agree with the premise of being a good corporate citizen, regardless of the size of the organization. From an ethics perspective being a good corporate citizen is the right thing to do, get involved in the community, in whichever way that may be. From picking up the streets to volunteering, it is important to give back to the community. From a marketing perspective, what better PR could you ask for? The only investment you must make is your time and the return on that investment is enormous. JMHO

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