Gridlock Economy

I read The Gridlock Economy: How Too Much Ownership Wrecks Markets, Stops Innovation, and Cost Lives by Michael Heller. What attracted me to this book was the subtitle about ownership. The last chapter is the best part of the book: Chapter 8 – A Solution Tool Kit. An excerpt below is an example of gridlock.


“By now, this type of gridlock should be familiar. When private negotiations failed, the Conservation Fund stepped in. One recent beneficiary of this market-maker philanthropy, International Paper, owned seventy-five thousand acres of prime Tennessee timberland that was tied up in a “foot-deep thicket of deeds, buyback rights, and other legal paper.” Sound familiar? International Paper owned the land and timber rights; Tennessee Mining Company claimed the coal, oil, and gas reserves underneath. Neither could agree on how to proceed without interfering with the other.”


If you go to the website , you will find more information.


One thought on “Gridlock Economy

  1. Greg, This sounds like a story of Republicans & Democrats. Neither side will ever work with the other. What needs to happen is a strong third party choice. A party that favors the people, not the Government & not the Corporations.

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