Drucker’s Leadership Idea

I just started reading Inside Drucker’s Brain by Jeffrey A. Krames. I would recommend buying this book. It is a quick read and is worthy of note taking. Below is an except about Drucker’s leadership idea.


Just as there are “no leadership qualities,” there is no one critical factor. “Leadership is doing the right things,” and that entails many factors. We do know that Drucker’s ideal leader had the following traits and habits:


Possesses character and courage: these are two of the most fundamental characteristics of a leader.

Creates a clear mission: a leader paints a clear picture of the finish line.

Instills loyalty: a leader understands that loyalty is a two-way street.

Focuses on strength: a leader makes “strengths effective and weaknesses irrelevant.

Does not fear strong subordinates: their successes are your successes.

Is consistent: leadership is not a function of being clever, it is based on consistency.

Develops tomorrow’s leaders: the best leaders understand that it is their responsibility to develop leaders who will guide their organization in the years ahead.


2 thoughts on “Drucker’s Leadership Idea

  1. Kevin makes a good point on loyalty, without it in sales there is no future. Consistentcy is important,
    but awareness of the situation at hand is key for me. If I don’t feel that a business has a future I am not there for long. I also need to feel that I am making a positive difference in the business operation. Learning thru experience and teaching same, promotes future growth. Having a clear plan,
    which often can be based on past experiences can be very effective in developing a strong outcome.

  2. I have worked for a few with these traits but unfortunately they were the exception to the rule. To me instilling loyalty is perhaps the most important trait mentioned in that snipit.



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