Performance and Learning Goals

I am reading Who’s Got Your Back by Keith Ferrazzi. This book is about personal growth and change. It teaches you how to create “Lifeline Relationships” and build your “Dream Team.” Below is an excerpt about setting two types of goals:

I recommend that you set not just one but two types of goals: performance goals and learning goals. And your team can help you with both.

Performance goals are what most of us probably think of right now as goals. They’re the pots of gold: Landing the job. Getting the promotion. Hitting the sales quota. Taking a vacation to Kenya. Getting married. Losing twenty pounds. They’re all about achieving a highly specific outcome.

Learning goals, on the other hand, emphasize acquiring new skills and knowledge to push and expand your skills and career forward.

Learning VS. Performance Goals

Having trouble telling the difference between the two? Here are some examples:

Performance Goal

Lose 10 pounds

Increase Web traffic by 50 percent

Boost sales 10 percent

Learning Goal

Learn to cook healthier meals

Find five new marketing tactics

Learn to hone your best pitch

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