Building a Sales Team

I’ve finished reading Who’s got your back – by Keith Ferrazzi. Keith talks about building a Sales Team. Your sales team has four mind-sets for selling: relationship, solutions, product, and closer. Below is an excerpt from a chapter titled Never Sell Alone:

The Rewards of Team Sales

You may think sharing clients and revenue-whether with a couple of buddies or at an institutional level in your company-sounds tough. I recently met a sales team that was posting off-the-charts performance month after month, quarter over quarter. Why? Their organization had instituted a team selling process. Several of the team members admitted that they’d been skeptical at first, especially around issues related to compensation, trust, distribution of work-all the issues you might expect.

Then somewhere along the way the team jelled. People started to support one another and anticipate others’ needs. Superior sales performance wasn’t far behind. I listened to their stories and then asked them a question: “What would you do if your organization decided to scrap the team selling model tomorrow?”

One team member didn’t miss a beat. “I guess we’d have to find something else to do:’

“So you’d stop working for the company?”

“We’d either find a way to keep working together as a team here or we’d take the team elsewhere. There isn’t much we couldn’t do together, and we’re not going to lose this now:’

To me, that said it all.


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