The 10 New Rule of Customer Service

Here is a must read: The Customer Service Manifesto by Joseph Jaffe. In this manifesto, he presents The 10 New Rules of Customer Service:

1 | Customer service doesn’t end at 5pm on a Friday.

2 | Move from “everything communicates” to “everyone communicates.”

3 | All customers are equal, but some are more equal than others.

4 | Customer service is not only about solving problems.

5 | Customer service lives “in the now.”

6 | Customer service can be a revenue generator.

7 | Customer service lives in the public domain.

8 | Customer service needs a memory.

9 | Customer service needs to be proactive and anticipatory.

10 | Customer service is alive.

You can get the short manifesto by clicking on the title below.

The Customer Service Manifesto


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