Create Exclusive Programs for your Most Loyal Supporters

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Here’s a lesson from the book: Marketing Lessons from the Grateful Dead: What Every Business Can Learn from the Most Iconic Band in History by David Meerman Scott

Create exclusive programs for your most loyal supporters

Every organization should be thinking about how to cultivate its most loyal supporters and treat them as special. This approach need not be as formalized as the airline frequent flyer programs. Many times, simply alerting existing customers first with news and announcements is enough. Certainly, all companies should rethink the common practice used with telecommunications companies, newspapers, and magazines of offering cheaper rates new subscribers than to current ones.

Action: Identify your most loyal customers and add them to a database so that you can reach them. What can you offer them that would be valuable and not available to the general public?

Communicate to this loyal group first. Before your next product release, do a special event, teleconference, or webinar for your existing customers. Let them know first, before you alert the media and other constituents.


One thought on “Create Exclusive Programs for your Most Loyal Supporters

  1. Or maybe theyll just feel abandoned lowering their motivation and making them less effective..These are real concerns. .Remember Loyalty to yourself first and everyone else second..In business you want loyal partners and employees but you also need to realize that most of them should also be loyal to themselves first too.

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