The Dragonfly Effect

The Dragonfly Effect by Jennifer Aaker and Andy Smithis an innovative book on how to take anything – a cause, a

The Dragonfly Efect
The Dragonfly Efect

product, a service – in social action in the new media. Below is an excerpt from the book.

A dragonfly travels with speed and directionality only when all four of its wings are moving in harmony. Metaphorically, then, the central body of the dragonfly should embody the heart and soul of the concept or person you are aiming to help.

The Dragonfly Effect is your road map to doing something purposeful, thoughtful, and well designed. Operating as “social change in a box,” it illustrates how synchronized ideas have been used effectively to create rapid transformations-and unveils the secrets to doing just that, step by step, so you can try it too. We’ll share how to effectively tap into human behavior, and we’ll explain how the four key principles-Focus, Grab Attention, Engage, and Take Action-work. Each of these principles is explored in its own chapter, or wing.

Focus + GET

The Dragonfly Effect relies on four distinct wings; when working together, they achieve remarkable results.

Focus. Identify a single concrete and measurable goal.


Grab Attention. Make someone look. Cut through the noise of social media with something personal, unexpected, visceral, and visual.

Engage. Create a personal connection, accessing higher emotions through deep empathy, authenticity, and telling a story. Engaging is about empowering the audience to care enough to want to do something themselves.

Take Action. Enable and empower others to take action. To make action easy, you must prototype, deploy, and continuously tweak tools, templates, and programs designed to move, audience members from being customers to becoming team members-in other words, furthering the cause and the change beyond themselves.


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