Using Evernote as a Customer Relationship Management(CRM) Tool

Using Evernote as a Customer Relationship Management (CRM)  Tool                  

Evernote is an excellent example of cloud computing where files are stored online. Evernote users can create and save notes and notebooks online, where they can be later accessed through the internet from any computer or smartphone. To access Evernote click on the word: Evernote

New Construction

Evernote’s organizing structure is very simple:

Notes are Evernote’s primary building blocks. Think of notes as individual ideas, resources, or topics. For example, quotes, estimates, pictures, emails, and websites. Notes can contain text, graphics, and/or pictures w/ GPS coordinates. Notes can also contain keyword identifiers—tags. Tags are words that allow your notes to be found again by browsing or searching.

Notebooks are collections of notes that are related to each other in some way. For example, I’ve created separate notebooks for prospecting customer, building permits, current customers, competition, and follow-up.

When I want to capture an idea, I can send an email to Evernote. I can take a picture or voicemail with my smartphone. And lastly, I can clip–or take a screen shot of–a web page by using the Add–to–Evernote feature that may be added to your browser toolbar.

Sharing Notebooks is a great way to communicate with your customers. You can share checklists, post problems, brainstorming, voice memos, maps, and  pictures.

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5 thoughts on “Using Evernote as a Customer Relationship Management(CRM) Tool

  1. I wish I would have came across this post earlier. I’ve been looking for this kind of info, but it’s a little late for my needs. I’ll bookmark your blog because I’m enjoying reading it! Thanks again!

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