Thank you for your business – we really appreciate it

thank you note for every language
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Here is a blog post about appreciating you customers. Do you tell your customers “Thank you for your business – we really appreciate it”?

The Most Efficient Product Enhancement Strategy Ever Devised via Terry Starbucker on June 1, 2011

“Thank you for your business – we really appreciate it”

That is a very valuable string of words.

That is, if you say them to your customers.

How do I know they are valuable? I did a little experiment at my company a few years ago. We called folks 7 days after a transaction and said those words (from a real human being, not a robo-caller).

Turns out, the people that heard those words were 25% less likely to “churn” out (that is, disconnect their service) over time.

That percentage held true for over three years (up until we sold the company).

Just because we said those words.

It’s quite an efficient way to enhance your product – any product. For the cost of a phone call (or just a few extra seconds after a face-to-face transaction), you can make the product you sell more valuable.

That’s the power of gratitude. And common courtesy.

Yep, there is one heck of an ROI on just giving a darn about your customers, and showing it.

Is there anything else out there that could do more for so little cost and effort?

Try it, if you aren’t already, and see for yourself.


7 thoughts on “Thank you for your business – we really appreciate it

  1. This is especially true when using facebook to build your business. When communicating with customers, your replies should be quick and APPRECIATIVE 🙂

    People need to feel connected, important, and appreciated…and it takes so little time and effort to do.

    Thanks for the post, Greg.

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