One Kind Thing

Below is a blog post with a link to the podcast from Manager Tools.

One Kind Thing

Manager Tools Blog by wendii

As part of a project I’m working on, I’m rereading bunches of shownotes from the earlier podcasts. This afternoon, I reread, ‘One Kind Thing’. This is easily one of my favorite casts. (Don’t ask me though, I have a 100 favorites!)

If you haven’t listened, the cast recommends that every manager do one kind thing for one of his team each week. There’s a list of suggestions:

Send them home early.
• Come in late in the morning.
• An extra day of vacation.
• Host them for a meal.
• Doughnuts or fruit in the morning.
• A gift card.
• A professional subscription that they want but can’t afford.
• In some places, a parking space.
• A guaranteed train departure time.
• Think about their family or their life outside of work.

All very easy, very simple things, which make your team feel valued. What kind thing can you do today?

One Kind Thing (Podcast)


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