Cool GTD tip for tracking Waiting For items in Outlook

This is a great tip. It saves time searching through sent files for follow-up. If you need help, leave me a comment.

Cool GTD tip for tracking Waiting For items in Outlook

January 5th, 2012 Kelly Forrister – Staff Contributor 
Categories | Getting Things Done Implementation

Many people have found this tip we share in our GTD & Outlook 2010 Guide to be super helpful for corralling the myriad of emails that need to be tracked as a “Waiting For.”  You simply need to create a rule in Outlook to copy delegated items to an @Waiting For Support folder (create that folder if you don’t already have one.) Here’s what to do:

1. Select Rules button from the ribbon

2. Click Manage Rules &  Alerts

3. Click on New Rule

4. Select Apply rule on messages I receive

5. Click Next

6. Check off from people or specific group. Then click on where people or public group is underlined and select yourself as the From contact (if you are not listed as a contact in your address book, you will need to create that first with the exact email address used by Outlook when you send email for this to work). Click OK. Click Next.

7. Check off move it to the specified folder. Then click on where specified folder is underlined and choose the “Waiting For Support” folder. Click OK. Click Next.

8. Check off except if my name is in the To or CC box

9. Name your rule.

Your final settings should look like this:

10. Click Finish.

Try it out by sending a test message to yourself and put yourself in the bcc: field. It should send a copy of the email to your Waiting For Support folder.

What this rule does is eliminate the step of having to dig through your Sent folder to find emails that you are waiting on a response.  Be sure to also track the Waiting For item on your Waiting For list in Tasks, unless you the discipline to review this Waiting For Support email folder with the same rigor you would your Action lists.


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