Fourth Anniversary

This has been an awesome year for my blogs. I had over 550 posts this year and over 15,000 new visitors. Below are my top posts for this

  1. Using Evernote as a Customer Relationship Management(CRM) Tool (Second Year)
  2. How to Deal with Rude People – 5 Lessons for Leaders and Others
  3. The Great Depression Part 34. Tracking housing values from 1940 to 2011.
  4. The Role of the iPad in Construction Consulting, Green Building and Forensic Investigations(Second Year)
  5. Using Customer Journey Maps to Improve Customer Experience (Second Year)
  6. Mind Manager
  7. Checklist Manifesto (Third Year)
  8. The Power of Habit
  9. Thank you for your business – we really appreciate it
  10. Lignin — Wood Science
  11. Very Funny Team Building Cartoon (Second Year)
  12. 2012 Predictions for Timber Industry
  13. Great Designs in Wood
  14. Three Myths about What Customers Want

Thank you for your support over the past year.


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