How To Sharpen Your Problem Solving Skills

Below is a blog post from John Morgan. How are your problems solving skills?

How To Sharpen Your Problem Solving Skills Problem Solving Skills

Every single successful person I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting is highly skilled in problem solving. Your creativity in solving your problems is an essential factor in determining your level of success.

Depending on how big the challenges are that come your way, there’s a certain level of panic that kicks in. This is a problem because panic leads to a closed mind. An open mind is critical to creative problem solving.

So how can you improve your problem solving skills?

I’m so glad you asked, otherwise this post would have been awkward.

You have to change your approach to solving problems. Forget about how you’ve done it in the past. Wrap your mind around a new paradigm that will instantly change your results…

Stop looking for the right answer and start looking for the right question.

What are some different ways you can look at the problem you face? Don’t ask a close minded question that won’t lead to a strong outcome. For example, why is this happening to me? is NOT a question that will solve whatever problem you’re facing.

Instead, ask questions such as what can I gain from this? or how can I use this to my advantage?

When you start asking yourself different questions, you immediately start thinking of different answers. The more questions you can ask the better. Multiple questions from different perspectives will cause you to create solutions you wouldn’t have thought of otherwise.

The best part of this is that the questions you ask yourself do not have to be complex. In fact, the more simple the better. Write down a problem you’re facing in your life or your business.

Then list out some simple questions that will cause you to think of this issue from a new perspective.

Here’s some examples right off the top of my head:

– What is the problem?
– What assumptions am I making about this?
– How can I get more information about this?
– How will I know it’s no longer a problem?
– What will happen if I ignore it?
– How can I improve because of this?
– What are the good things about this problem?
– Is it really a problem?
– Who can help me solve it?
– Why is this important?

Those are simple questions that can get you started. I’d love to see what questions you come up with! (You can let me know in the comments below). Remember to ask yourself questions that force you to look at the issue from a different perspective.

Instead of focusing on the right answer, focus on the right questions. We too often spend time looking for the right answer to the wrong question.


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