The Beginners’ Guide to Evernote

The Beginners’ Guide to Evernote

Evernote is a great application which you can “dump your brain” into so you don’t have to keep important information in your mind.

Think of Evernote as your personal database. You can access it in any web browser as well as an application.

Here are some terms you will need to know about Evernote:

  • Notebooks: These are collections of individual notes. You could just have one notebook and dump everything into it. However, most people establish different notebooks for different areas of focus or they can share notebooks with others. Examples of notebooks I currently use are LBMDF, LDAC, Lobby Day, and Personal.
  • Stacks: These are collections of notebooks. For example, you could have a stack called “Work” that has separate notebooks for each customer, project, or area of responsibility.
  • Tags: These are attributes that you can apply to any individual note. You can then view all notes with a specific tag, regardless of which notebook it resides in. This provides the ultimate in filing flexibility though it can be confusing at times. I set up tags in the following ways: the source of information, author, or a quick description of the note. Some of my tags are education, personal development, managing people, and Excel.


The top six reasons I love Evernote:

  • Customer Relations Management/ Project Management

It can be used is to clip maps to job sites. Archive text messages from customers.  And you can enter field notes and pictures.

  • Checklists

Store checklists that you can use over and over as needed, such as a travel packing list, window & door checklist, and task/to-do list.

  • Notes/Journals

I’m an avid note taker.  All my notes are in Evernote, so it’s easy to search and quickly locate my notes. I also like to collect solutions to problems.

  • Bookmarks/ Collections

Evernote has a web clipper, you can bookmark or clip a page or save content to read later.

  • Agenda

This can be used to track meeting notes with action items or improvements. Also, I add notes and reminders for the next meeting.

  • Blog Post & Column Ideas

I’m a big RSS (Rich Site Summary) feed reader. I use an RSS to keep up with the latest news and alerts. Any blogs or news, I want to keep I clip to Evernote.

There are other applications which are similar to Evernote: Google Keep, Microsoft OneNote, SimplyNote. I highly recommend Evernote if you want to simplify your life.


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