Weekly Journal September 14 – Managing People

LumberTribe Journal #20-38 Managing People

My weekly blog post routine includes posting links to great content I came across during the week.

If you know any of these people, how much do you dread hearing from or seeing them? And how often does just seeing a text message or email or receiving a voice mail or just the sound of their name create a pit in your stomach?

Often that pit in your stomach is attached to your being fearful of interacting with them. That fear is often connected to worrying about what they’re going to do to you (run over you, talk down to you, talk dismissively to you, etc.).

While the use and application of technology has become near ubiquitous around the world, the actual adoption of new and emerging technologies across most organizations continues to be less than optimal. Due to several barriers, tech adoption at an organizational level is often slow or even nonexistent. This keeps old legacy systems alive and hinders an organization from achieving its full potential efficiently. This lag in adoption has long been a concern for companies but now, amid a pandemic, it’s a crisis.

Once recruited and hired, how does an employee who just walked through your company’s doors become “one of us”?

You can take a variety of approaches to onboarding new workers based on your organization’s culture. Some companies focus on building social bonds, while others leave people to figure things out on their own. Some follow a set process for orientation, while others have a “sink or swim” approach.

The goal of onboarding should be to introduce foundational elements that employees can build on throughout their career — those that influence their performance over decades not quarters.

I don’t go into depth about the finds but encourage you to check them out if they sound interesting.

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